Solar installer work environment

Solar installers work in a variety of places including residential homes, commercial buildings, and more.

Solar installer career snapshot

Median pay

$47,890 ($23.84/hr)

Required degrees


10-year job growth

52% (Much faster than average)

Solar installers have the ability to work for companies that specialize in residential projects, commercial projects, or both. Solar is a rapidly growing industry, so installers have the option to work almost anywhere in the country.

Many solar companies are still small, but there are also quite a few large companies that have emerged in recent years. If you decide to become a solar installer, you will have the opportunity to choose which type of company works best for you. 

Solar panel installers usually work normal business hours but may have to work off hours and long days when the job calls for it. 

Working as a solar installer is usually hard and physically demanding. It involves working long hours outside in the heat and spending a lot of times on roofs. This work environment may be stressful for people who are not accustomed to hard work outside while others find it very rewarding and enjoyable. 

These are important factors to consider when deciding whether to become a solar installer

Solar installers install, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, and design solar panel systems in a variety of circumstances. Some projects may involve new installations while others involve fixing or adding onto existing systems. 

Below are some of the responsibilities of a solar installer:

  • Assemble and install solar panels on roofs or other locations
  • Connect solar panels to power grid
  • Perform routine maintenance on photovoltaic (PV) systems
  • Test PV system
  • Calibrate PV system
  • Configure PV system based on needs of customer and site conditions
  • Work in accordance with local, state, and federal codes
  • Read blueprints and schematics to install according to a proper design
  • Lift heavy materials and climb ladders

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