Solar installer career path

Which jobs you can get as a solar installer varies greatly based on your experience

Solar installer career snapshot

Median pay

$47,890 ($23.84/hr)

Required degrees


10-year job growth

52% (Much faster than average)

Just like any industry, there are different job opportunities that vary with experience for a solar installer. Here’s a look at common solar installer career paths:

Solar installer entry-level positions

Entry-level solar jobs usually include the most demanding labor but are the jobs where you gain a lot of basic experience. 

Here are some entry-level solar installer positions:

  • Solar Technician I
  • Solar Installer
  • Field Hand

Solar installer mid-level positions

Mid-level solar works typically have 1 to 3 years of experience. 

Here are some mid-level solar positions:

  • Solar Installation Tech
  • Solar Electrician
  • Solar Sales Specialist
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Solar Technician II
  • Crew Lead Solar Technician

Solar installer senior-level positions

Senior level solar workers typically have 5+ years of experience.

Here are some senior-level solar positions:

  • Lead Solar Installer
  • Solar System Designer
  • Master Solar Installer
  • Solar Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Solar Installer III
  • Solar Regional Install Manager
  • Quality Control Auditor
  • Experienced Installer

Once you gain enough experience, you will have opportunities to start your own solar business. You will typically need 7+ years of experience before trying to do this, giving you time to learn the ins and outs of the trade as well as running a business. 

There are many benefits to starting your own company including being your own boss, great income, choosing who you work with, the ability to control your own destiny, and much more.

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